Privacy Policy

The Data Protection Act 2018 sets out how organisations collect, hold, and process individual people’s personal data. It is the UK’s implementation of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Data Protection Act 2018 governs the rights that individuals have regarding their personal data. Personal data includes such basic business details as a person’s address, their mobile phone number, and their email address, as well as more obviously personal information such as their date of birth or bank account number. Any organisation working with personal data in any manner, has obligations to protect it and the rules that govern how data is handled are called “data protection principles”.

Eclipse Veterinary Software Ltd is committed to meeting any contractual obligations for procedures, products and services and is approaching privacy obligations and compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 on three main fronts:

  • To ensure our own compliance as a company holding and processing people’s personal data.
  • To ensure our partners and suppliers are focused on their compliance responsibilities and are evaluating any new requirements and restrictions imposed by revisions of this act when they occur.
  • To ensure that our programs, software applications and service solutions all support our clients’ compliance efforts.

Data Protection Act 2018 Compliance

Eclipse Veterinary Software Ltd have undertaken a review of all internal security and privacy policies to ensure that all personal data within, or passing through the company, will be handled in accordance with regulations.

We will implement policies and practices to ensure the safeguarding of any data handled by Eclipse Veterinary Software Ltd and all of its employees.

Employees will be made aware of all Data Protection Act restrictions, with relevant training provided as necessary.


Eclipse Veterinary Software Ltd will undertake reviews of all supplier and third party contracts and arrangements to ensure that all of our partners continue to apply the same high standards of data protection.

Software Applications

Eclipse Veterinary Software Ltd provide a range of software applications, primarily aimed at the equine and thoroughbred service sectors, where personal data is collected and stored.

Our goal is to provide clients with technical solutions to aid and support them in their efforts to comply with the Data Protection Act. We are committed to providing the necessary facilities to make identification and correct handling of specific personal data secure and transparent, and help our clients be able to respond to requests for deletion, rectification and anonymisation of data and ‘The right to be forgotten’, where applicable.

Specifics – Your Personal Data

We will only use your data for the following purposes:

To maintain a relationship with your company in relation to our orders and your services, e.g. in relation to service delivery activities, invoicing and ongoing communication/relationship management;

The processing of your personal information is based upon the lawful basis of:

  • Legitimate Interests – to maintain a relationship with your company in relation to our orders and services, including new features and offerings;
  • Consent – for inclusion in any press articles and/or case studies, in which case we will always obtain your fully informed, freely given, consent (i.e. we will obtain your permission);

Sharing your data: we do not intend to share your data with any third party and would certainly not do so without your prior written permission.

Transferring your personal data to a Country or International Organisation outside of the European Union: we do not intend to transfer your personal data to any countries or International Organisations outside of the European Union.

We will retain processed personal data for as long as is considered necessary for the purpose for which it was collected (including as required by applicable law or regulation). In the absence of specific legal, regulatory or contractual requirements, our baseline retention period for your personal data and other documentary evidence is 7 years.

Automated Decision Making & Profiling: we do not make any decisions in relation to your personal data, solely by automated means without any human involvement. Nor do we conduct any automated processing of personal data to evaluate certain things about you.

Jeanne Razzell, Director Eclipse Veterinary Software Ltd
February 2023