About Us

Eclipse Veterinary Software Limited is a dedicated development team producing innovative software for equine and veterinary clients worldwide.

It is the offspring of Apple technology experts, Systems Support of Cambridge, who have been designing and developing database-driven software for their clients since the late 1980's.

All the applications developed by Eclipse run just as well on Macs, as they do on Windows PCs. The way they are developed means that they are native on both platforms and do not rely on unreliable internet connections or web browsers which are sometimes reluctant to work smoothly in all situations. Any standard PC running Windows 7 Pro, 8.1 or 10, or an Apple desktop or laptop computer is suitable for Eclipse software, making the choice of platform in each case a matter of individual preference. Many of our clients have some Macs and some PCs – a mixture works perfectly well. iPads and iPhones extend remote working beyond the physical boundaries of the practice with our latest addition, an integrated app called Eclipse Mobile.

Successful projects include the custom-designed BASIS sales auction system used by Tattersalls, producing the catalogue, running the day of sale, handling billing and managing mailing lists. The ever-popular (with the racing community) Tattersalls iPhone/iPad app followed soon afterwards, and the start of 2012 saw an extension of BASIS to Tattersalls Ireland for the National Hunt and Derby Sales. Tattersalls recently celebrated their 250th anniversary.

More recently, a new bloodstock system has been developed for Weatherbys, who have been recording the arrival and breeding of new thoroughbreds in the UK and Ireland in the General Stud Book since 1791.

The majority of our work, though, is with equine veterinary practices, including the development of Eclipse PMS and Eclipse PACS, each of which can be purchased as standalone products or as one completely integrated system. Our aim is to produce software which requires little training on the part of those using it, but is innovative and robust behind the scenes where modern database tools can make performance very impressive.

Eclipse Mobile was added to the suite in 2013 and is in widespread use by ambulatory and hospital vets, saving time and money. Billing information can be captured quickly and clinical histories are available to vets wherever their journey takes them to see an animal in need of treatment.

Led by Brian Whitt, the Eclipse team are able to understand how to make elegant applications which are simple to learn and use. Our software is always designed in conjunction with those with the best view of what's needed - the people who are actually going to use it! If we can help you with your hospital/practice management systems or PACS imaging, lab testing or pharmacy stock control, or you have a new project you would like us to discuss with you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Who Does What?

Brian Whitt: one of the brightest and best sort of 'techie' to have on your side. Studied Theoretical Physics at Cambridge and was appointed to Stephen Hawking's research team just as 'that book' was being written. For those of you who have read "A Brief History of Time" and understood every word, well done! For the rest of us, Brian has the happy knack of explaining things simply and elegantly, and is generally regarded as designing systems that are intuitive to learn and easy to use.

Jeanne Razzell: trained as a programmer but instead decided talking to customers was much more fun! Fundraised for Help The Aged; elected as a district councillor; Jeanne enjoys finding out what makes things tick and then helping build systems to make work easier and more productive. That keen interest in the business process, combined with Brian's ability to conceive and design software that fits, are key elements in their long-term success.

Karen Westlake: Although thoeretically only part-time, Karen seems to fit more in than many of us do in a full week! Karen organises demonstrations, training and GoLives, and still finds time to visit new clients to help Eclipse users get the best from their system.

Lucy Malby: Lucy has been a professional Eclipse user for several years, first at Rossdales and more recently at Hambleton Equine. Lucy's excellent practice management skills and sharp understanding of what makes an equine business run better, are a very useful addition to the Eclipse team's expertise.

Polly Brand: Polly is a graduate with a 1st class honours degree in Computer Visualisation, combined with excellent communication and organisation skills. You may likely meet Polly during GoLive as she and her colleagues help configure Eclipse to match your practice needs.

Josh and Ivett: The engine room of our Eclipse Support team! You will most often speak to one of these two first should Eclipse encounter a problem or you need help with any aspect of the use of the system.

Rick Warrand: A 'veteran' of IT support with a huge range and depth of knowledge about everything that makes or stops things working. Rick uses his troubleshooting skills from distance, being based in one of those pesky 'red wall' seats politicians endlessly go on about these days!

Phil Collins: Phil has many years' experience supporting larger IT installations and supporting users on-site, and is most often to be found either in the server or comms rooms at Rossdales. Phil loves lifting the lid of a cabling duct and can spend many happy hours working out what is connected to what.

David Bailey: David handles a wide variety of IT issues for Eclipse and Systems Support clients, including server configurations, new equipment installations, networking and communication problems. A great person to have around while you are first migrating to Eclipse or when any hardware or system changes are required as time goes on.

Mike Danks: An experienced member of the 4D programming team, Mike is busy keeping the Stock Control module moving forward and bringing many of our existing Eclipse clinics onto the full stock system. Easy-to-use reports for counting smaller stock centres such as vets' vehicles more frequently, a new 'bags & boxes' system created at Lambourn Vets instigation, and minimum stock reorder levels have significantly upgraded this part of Eclipse, especially when combined with ambulatory vets' use of the Mobile app.

Our software is designed, developed, installed and supported by Eclipse Veterinary Software Ltd, successor to Systems Support, the company Brian and Jeanne founded 30+ years ago to help make IT much easier for clients using both Macs and PCs.

Privacy statement

Conveniently based close to Newmarket…

Our clients include Tattersalls, the bloodstock auctioneers

And equine hospitals such as Rossdales at Exning

Brian is rarely seen without a freshly-brewed espresso close by

Jeanne is often involved in the early stages of new projects, helping to define the task and managing delivery and implementation.

Karen is a keen rider with many years' experience schooling and training horses so is no stranger to the concept of a vet's bill!

Lucy brings a wealth of experience in the medical and biotech sectors, not to mention energy and enthusiasm in abundance.

Polly is the best person to go to should you ever need a tricky new report setting up in Eclipse.